How to Get Rid of All Stored Belly Fat Just by Turning Your Natural Fat-Burning Switch ON

Why Can’t Most People Lose Weight?

When it comes to losing any noticeable or significant amount of weight, most people fail. The reason is simple – they are not following a diet program that works! If you have tried to lose weight simply by eating less and exercising, you have probably quickly discovered that your results are not what you expect and you had to deal with constant hunger pangs. Needles to say, this leads to a lot of frustration and some people get convinced that there is something wrong with them, that they are cursed by their genetics and that they can’t have the body they want. Other people feel like they have to follow an extremely painful lifestyle of diet and exercise for months on end to achieve any results and that as soon as they slip and start eating again – they gain all the weight back. All of those hurdles are common and are a result of following an ineffective diet. I know, because I have been there for a long time and have seen others struggle. I can guarantee that once you start following a proven and effective diet program, you will be amazed at the transformation you achieve in just a few short weeks/months.

Fighting with your caloric intake vs. turning your fat-burning switch ON – the simple solution to quickly eliminating excess body fat.

I always first recommend that people try a simple weight-loss approach that aims not to limit calories or carbohydrates, but hormonally TURN their fat-burning switch ON, like the method described in the Beta Switch e-book (link). Unless your body’s signaling is working towards eliminating stored fat (and especially visceral fat), limiting calories or eating tons of vegetables won’t necessarily bring you any results, except for insatiable hunger pangs and emotional disturbances.

The Dangerous Path of Following an Ineffective Diet

Most people think that if they try a diet and it doesn’t work, there’s no harm done – they just wasted a bit of time. Unfortunately, this is not true. I have seen countless people give up and really convince themselves that it’s their genetics that are holding them back, just because they have tried too many ineffective and not-working diets. Once you have tried a few diets and gotten no results form them, you are very unlikely to put a 100% in the next diet you try. It’s a very dangerous downwards spiral. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen someone who is convinced that it’s their genetics that are stopping them lose 20, 30 or 50 pounds in a staggering amount of time, just by sticking to an effective diet. Genetics will make you gain unwanted fat, but they have no power to stop you from losing all of it, once you are eating right.

Hard is Not Always Effective

Many people think that a diet works, just because it is hard and difficult to follow. This is completely false. If you were to not eat anything for a month, you will quickly gain all the lost weight plus a lot more as soon as you start eating again. On the other hand, once you cleanse your liver and start eating in a way that enables your body to get rid of the excess fat, the results will be much faster than starving and will stick. The no-think diet is a very good example of a diet that does not require any willpower or ‘motivation’ to follow, yet delivers extremely fast and noticeable results. The same applies to working out and exercising – extremely exhausting and calorie-consuming workouts rarely lead to very fast weight loss an can actually have the opposite effect.
Well, that’s about it! Make sure you are sticking to a good and effective diet that is proven to work!
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