Is Your Body Toxic? Here's How to Tell and How to Flush the Toxins Out in 14 Days or Less

Many people report that their ‘life has changed’ or they have lost an enormous amount of body fat effortlessly after they complete a full cleanse. Full cleanses are not as time-consuming and don’t require nearly as much sacrifice as most people would think, especially if you do them correctly and follow an effective protocol. Of course, it does require some sacrifice, but the results that come from a proper cleanse are well worth it. Toxicity in the liver and belly area can be a major hurdle that can make losing even a single pound and keeping it off very hard. In addition to losing a lot of weight, a huge improvement in energy levels is often experienced.

How to Tell if Your Body is Toxic

Yuri Elkaim, the creator of the Total Wellness Cleanse offers a nice explanation of the most common symptoms of body toxicity here. As you can see, living in modern society can put a lot of stress on your body in terms of unnatural toxins that you consume with your food, water and even the air you breathe. Many experts argue that this is the primary cause of the obesity epidemic we are experiencing. If you look at the lifestyle of people a few hundred years ago you will notice a lot of differences. People used to perform demanding physical work every day, then sleep for 5 hours a night and continue the next day. People today can barely get through their work day after sleeping for 8 or 9 hours. The toxic environment we live in has a lot to do with this.

Changes That Happen Immediately After Cleansing Your Body

Completing Yuri’s 14-day cleanse or any other effective whole body detox produces very noticeable results in most people. Energy levels soar, your body suddenly starts rapidly eliminating excess body fat and you notice that you need a lot less sleep. I am pretty fit, but I still do a full cleanse about once a year or so. The biggest difference that I feel is in my mental state. I go from being a little sluggish and depressed/anxious, to feeling simply amazing and very calm. This subsides extremely slowly, to the point that I don’t notice. It’s after a full year, when I do the cleanse again, that I immediately feel the shift again.
Our bodies are very adaptable and even if you had the most unhealthy diet and lifestyle on earth, your body would get ‘used’ to this and not make you feel pain. This is how most people spend their whole lives feeling unwell, without even realizing it. After a good cleanse, many people are shocked at the fact that they used to feel this bad for the previous 10, 20 or even 30 years.
One negative effect cleanses have is that if you start to eat a lot of processed food after the cleanse you will actually feel it’s impact on your body. Continuing with your bad diet for some time rapidly desensitizes your body to this ‘pain’ however.

Weight Loss

Cleanses not only help with weight loss, but can actually trigger your body to get rid of all excess fat. I’ve seen this happen numerous times to very obese people in my gym. Burning off unwanted fat through exercise rarely works if your liver is clogged up with toxins. Starvation diets that don’t cleanse your body slow down your metabolism even further, which ultimately leads to even more weight gain.
Posted by Angelina on March 03 2014