Questions and Answers

Below are frequently asked questions, which I am receiving on a regular basis and have included here for you to read…If you have a question of your own, use the contact form and I/Kate will get back to you soon!
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Q: Should I start taking Vitamin D supplements?
A: Vitamin D is one of the most important supplements you can take, but I would only recommend it to women, who are at risk of osteoporosis. Generally speaking, if you are below 40 and are getting plenty of sunlight, you won’t notice any benefits from Vitamin D supplementation
Q: Is low-carb suitable for people who are not looking to lose weight?
A: A Low-carb diet is just a tool and can be used for anything. When it comes to carbohydrate intake, I have found that people differ a great deal – for some, low carb is the best thing they ever did, for others it causes some digestive problems. Generally speaking, I highly recommend it to men who are looking to lose weight, especially when combined with intermittent fasting. If you are not looking to lose weight, but are interested in the results of a low-carb diet, you have to try it – there is no way to know how it will go in advance.
Q: Does a high-protein breakfast promote weight loss, without doing anything else, like restricting calories, exercising, etc.?
A: Yes. Consuming 30+ grams of protein for breakfast will deliver results for sure. How quick those results are, well that would depend entirely on the individual. Try to get that protein from lean sources, or simply use a high-quality protein powder. A post on this topic is coming very soon!
Q: Does running/walking/cycling/going to the gym burn a lot of fat?
A: Exercise is a very poor way to burn fat – you burn about 100 kcal per hour just by sitting in front of the TV. Light exercise will increase that by about 50%. Strenuous exercise will increase it by about 200%, but good luck doing it for more than a few minutes. Focus on your diet, and exercise for good muscle tone/health/general well being, not for weight loss.
Q: You look like you are in great shape. What supplements do you take?
A: It’s not the supplements, but the whole lifestyle. As to the supplements, you really shouldn’t look at what I take for guidance to what you should take. Health and fitness is a hobby for me and I take a lot of supplements just out of curiosity. I do not recommend this to anyone. Most people don’t need any – maybe get some fish oil and a high quality multi-vitamin and you’re good to go.
Q: Do fat-loss pills work?
A: The only fat-loss pills that work are those who contain large amounts of caffeine. What this does is it makes you so nervous that you pace around a bit more and tense your muscles even while you are sitting down. As a result, you burn a little more calories. Caffeine also stimulates your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates, but this is still debatable. I would not recommend any fat burners. You will never ever achieve a noticeable difference in the way you look, just by taking a pill. Period.
Q: How fast can I lose fat?
A: Every time I make a claim that you can lose so and so pounds in so and so days I get a lot of emails saying that is not possible (even though I know it is not only possible, but replicable by anyone), so I would not make specific claims of that nature in the future. You can lose quite a bit of weight very fast, especially if you are a woman and are following an effective strategy, which utilizes leptin.