The Youth Method Review – Erin Nielsen Offers a Unique Approach to Weight Loss and Anti-aging!

The Youth Method, a new program by Erin Nielsen offers a unique approach to weight loss and anti aging – it doesn’t talk about calories, exercise and the other cliche strategies we have all heard of. Instead, it focuses on gene expression.
Gene expression is a relatively new “thing” and it says that the genes you have inherited are not the main thing that matters. What matters is how those genes are expressed. We now know that there are lots of vitamins and chemicals that change gene expression – for example, Vitamin D regulates the expression of over 300 genes.

How Does the Youth Method(Link) Work?

We have all heard obese people complain that “It’s all genetics” and that diet and exercise play only a small part. They often back this up with examples – their fit colleague, who eats nothing but french fries, yet is still fit. Well, what if how your genes work, or are expressed, can be controlled by your diet?
We know that starvation diets often have the opposite of the intended effect – that’s in part because they change your gene expression. Starving prepares you for well, starving. Your genes are changed in a way that will allow you to store the most fat in order to not die. Scientists now also claim that, if during a time you are starving, you have a child, your child will inherit this “prepared for starving” gene and will therefore be predisposed to putting on weight. Interesting! What Erin Nielsen has done is found a way to mix foods in certain ways, that will increase the expression of your “young” genes and decrease that of inflammatory, or “old” genes. For example, turmeric has been shown to reduce inflammatory genes and promote weight loss.
Not only does this lead to weight loss, but to a significant anti-aging effects – we can all see how young Erin looks.

Liquid detox drinks don’t work that well, according to Erin
We all see the craze about easy detox drinks. They are swarming pinterest! Well, based on the philosophy of “Everything popular is wrong”, you can see why such drinks won’t give you any dramatic effect. Not only that, but some recipes are full of sugar, which some women claim is good, because it is “natural”. Erin says those types of drinks will not give you a significant result, you need something more. She is also against juice detoxes or juice fasts and says you need more protein.
The protein debate is an old one, but a lack of protein is proven to increase the expression of your inflammatory genes, so there might be something there.

As we can see:

  • Depending on your gene expression, your genetics really do change!
  • They can change for the better or for the worst, depending on your lifestyle
  • It’s not as simple as just drinking a few shots of detox juice now and then
Turmeric, one of the spices that we have long known reduces inflammatory gene expression. Lots more effecitve ones to find in the Youth Method!