Using The Lipid Signaling Reset Protocol To Automatically Kick-Start The Weight Loss Process!

Lately, the diet and weight loss industry has been undergoing a massive shift – all of a sudden, you hear less and less about diets, counting calories and exercise, and you hear more and more about tapping into the underlying cause of obesity. At first glance, this may seem like a trick or a gimmick, used by marketers you are trying to sell you products for a ‘quick and easy’ weight loss.

However, as it turns out, this is not what is actually happening. A new weight loss process, known in a few communities as the ‘lipid signaling reset protocol’ (which actually goes by many synonyms and abbre seems to bring on massive results with very little effort involved. In fact, in one recent study, participants trying out this method were consistently able to lose ~0.83 pounds of body fat daily, which corresponded to about one and a half pounds of real weight loss (since body fat also contains some water).

Digestion is largely controlled by the brain and the autonomic nervous system – it is not something that the brain is just involved in turning on and off.

But how does this whole process work? Can we really lose as much weight as we want, without counting calories or exercising. Well, as you are about to learn, the lipid signaling reset protocol works not despite not being diet-related, but because of this.

As it turns out, the lipid signaling reset works in two ways, both of them very indirect:

  1. It effortlessly produces less hunger, which can be viewed as simply transferring the habits of a fit, skinny person into your brain. This means that over time, you achieve automatic and effortless weight loss, independent on the effort you put in and on the restrictions you impose on yourself.
  2. It directly stops your brain from creating and maintaining fat deposits throughout your body. It is still not clear how this exact mechanism functions, but it probably has something to do with the hypothalamus, and more concretely, the tuberal nucleus.
Fat digestion involves hundreds of multi-vector signals sent back and forth from the brain to the gut and vice-versa.

Does the lipid signaling reset protocol really take 5 seconds per day?

In clinical articles, it is often cited that the protocol takes ‘as little as 5 seconds per day’ to perform, but that is largely misleading. If you read success stories related to the protocol, you will quickly realize that this method requires some focus in order to implement.